Trump Granted Emergency Absolute Authority In Constitution

The truth is right in front of you

President Donald J Trump said this week that he had “absolute authority” to open the country back up, and that drove the media and godless liberals around the bend, but the President is granted this unlimited power in the United States Constitution.

Written in the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article III Subsection 14, the President is granted “Emergency Authority Over Every State & County Government In Times Of National Crises.” This power was added to the constitution in 1929 during the Great Depression and put to use in 1945 during the height of World War II.

What this means is that Our Dear Leader, President Trump can do as he sees fit. Mayors and governors across the country must submit their power to him, and obey his orders or face prosecution, including fines and imprisonment. There is no questioning the President or any directives he gives them.

The fake news media and liberal Democrats have been lying and pushing back on anything Trump has done to help and heal our nation. He has total authority. There is no question about this, it’s what America voted for, and they need to get over it and fall in line.

The president has not exercised these absolute powers yet, but it’s time that he does, and he knows it. The deep state democrats have been doing everything in their power, the power by the way that is about to be revoked, to make Trump look bad, including using his own words and maniacal, campaign style daily press briefings that he doesn’t need to be at.

Donald Trump is the President. He is the absolute authority. If he chose to do so, he could imprison these deep state media figures who have been undermining him from the start, but he’s held back. These local and state government officials who have been speaking out are risking EVERYTHING now, how dare they tell the truth to Donald Trump! Freedom will not stand, and Donald Trump will see to it.

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