Trump 2020 and Beyond Is Gaining Traction with Republicans

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

It is a very trying time in America. We are facing challenges we never have before. With everything that’s going on, republicans and other conservatives have taken new steps in their battle to preserve American greatness.

There’s only one man, they believe, that can get our nation through this turmoil. One man, who is God’s chosen leader for our United States of America. One man who’s moral compass and ability to lead with dignity that rises above all others.

Donald Trump is that man, they believe. His honesty, his morals, and his take charge attitude and taking responsibility for this way forward will make this country great and keep it great.

We’ve never seen such and amazing family. Donald and Daughter-Wife Ivanka along with Don Jr. And Eric and whoever those other two little bastards are will see us into the future, America First!!!!

Right now, our stocks are at all time highs with no chance of slipping, jobless claims are way down and Americans have faith in our nation to persevere, even at this dark hour, and all because of the God Like leadership of Donald Trump. He may be better than Reagan. No, scratch that, he’s better than Jesus.

This nation is in a dark place, and this moral, beautiful family with Donald and Ivanka at the helm will see us through. Joe Barron and his flavor of the week, Melania, agree. Keep him in, Keep America Great. Melania was hiding her face from our cameras. Shy gal!

We will see how far this goes, and how many in the deep state government agree, but for most of trailer park America, Donald Trump should be king!!! Imagine, one family rule, the monarchy America wants and deserves. Totalitarian government like the conservatives think they want, ruled by one family who hasn’t read one page of the Bible. Keeping America Great! 

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