Today is the Last Day to Claim Trump’s $300 Social Security Rebate for Retirees

A little-known rule in the new tax code is expiring today — and hardly anyone knows about it. The Medicare and Social Security Recipients Rebate Program gives a one-time $300 credit to your Social Security account. The reason nobody knows? The Democrats. An amendment added at the last second made sure of that.

According to Senator Stuart Boll (D-Maine), the rule was added because 60 million people getting $300 for no reason would somehow “bankrupt America.” His spokesman, Art Tubolls, told Breitbart:

“Anyone got an extra $600 billion lying around? Should we cancel the aircraft carriers? Send the troops home for the year? So yeah, we made it impossible. We made it so the government had to keep their mouths shut until the 2nd of March, after most of the Boomers have filed already.”

Republicans are arguing that the math is convoluted and that the rebate isn’t a rebate at all, it’s actually being recovered from the death benefit, which for most people, is at least a few years from now. If you are retired and on Social Security and Medicare, you qualify. In response to the dirty tricks, the White House has turned switchboard operations over to the IRS and Social Security to collect information and register people whether they’ve filed or not.

What to do:

Call the switchboard at 202-456-6213

Tell them you want to register your name in compliance with the law and give them the password: FRIMLOPDERAY.


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