Three Leading Democrats Facing Indictment for Orchestrating a Coup d’etat

Inside sources at Justice say there are three prominent Democrats under investigation for orchestrating a coup d’etat against the President. If you’re not certain what the law considers a coup, here it is:

Coup D’Etat (v) from the Latin “to overthrow” – A Coup d’etat occurs when anyone from an opposing political party plans to oust the opposing party’s leader through means other than those prescribed by the US Constitution. A coup doesn’t have to include violence; it can also come in the form of false charges of crimes they may or may not have committed or through deriding a person’s character by exposing their personal shortcomings.

The three Democrats in question weren’t named specifically, but our source says they are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Corey Booker. No Caucasians were listed, meaning this is yet another attempt by the Dems to pull out their ever-popular race card.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Guy DeTater, says the whole thing is just disgusting:

“We have a group of traitors trying desperately to oust a President just because they don’t like him. He’s done nothing wrong, and yet they keep accusing him of things. So far, we can’t verify that the President did any of those things, and he certainly doesn’t recall doing any of them.

“You have to remember: President Trump is a genius. His IQ is the highest to ever hold this office. That’s just science.”

Lawyers for Nancy Pelosi say they won’t help if the three are charged because they “brought this on themselves.” Pelosi hasn’t issued a statement, as the news isn’t yet official and the mainstream media won’t report it:

“This sounds like another conspiracy theory. We’ve contacted our friends at the fact-checking sites and they assure us that any story about this topic will be quickly debunked as false. Trump is a criminal and good people shouldn’t pay for that.”

So far there’s no confirmation of Trump’s crimes, but keep trying, Nancy. maybe someday your endless investigations will come up with something.


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