Trump Is Dominating Rioters with Over 60,000 Democrats Arrested

Putin's Proud

Across the country rioters and looters are trying to take over. This insurgency would be of concern with any other president, however, Trump is in town!

Over the last week, Trump has shown true leadership and strength. Rather than hiding in a blacked-out White House, down deep in the bowels of a bunker, our President walked proudly to St. John’s Church. In faith and courage, he proudly raised the bible high and made a bold statement that we are guided by God Almighty.

That symbolism isn’t only a gesture. Trump’s war on liberalism is going well. The rule of law is winning. It is said that the Trump administration has arrested over 60,000 Democrats for looting and rioting. Of course, these people will claim police brutality and over reach and that they were peaceful. But, there were curfews. If they didn’t want to be arrested and charged with resisting arrest, they would have gone home when the government told them that it was enough.

President Trump has also made it clear that these protests are nothing more than rioting and looting and they must stop, no matter what it takes.

Joe Barron, spokesperson for the assistant to Donald J. Trump said this:

“The U.S. Constitution was not written during a time of such lawlessness. People obeyed the law and respected authority during the birth of our nation. Our founding fathers had no way of knowing we would have such aggressive people, criminals, thugs, walking our streets and demanding the same rights as all Americans. Their actions are not protected by the constitution. Period.”

God bless the U.S.A!

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