The Trump Plan That Defeated ISIS

The world is still celebrating the defeat and elimination of the ISIS threat. ISIL is still causing havoc but baby steps, right? One threat at a time. ISIS gone, ISIL next.

The tactical bacon company stock skyrocketed with this raid

Anyway, the global community is giving full credit and thanks to the The United States under the strategic guidance of President Trump for the obliteration of this enemy and rightfully so. Trump is the only man in the world who had the vision and out-of-the-box thinking that were required to take down the enemy.

And now that the need for secrecy is no longer, that ingenious plan has been revealed. And it’s so simple that it’s genius.

The strategy contained  only two elements. The first was to dip all bullets in pigs blood à la General Pershing. That took care of the armed about this in the beginning of the action. Next, American military planes dropped tons and tons of bacon onto ISIS dominated areas for one week straight.  That cleaned up the rest.

And aerial view of the arsenal that rain down upon ISIS.

The end. ISIS gone. YAY!

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