INSIDER: Redacted Parts Of Mueller Report Reveal Compromising Clinton Tapes

They belong in prison for this.

Have you wondered yet why there are so many redactions in the Mueller Report? It’s not because, as liberals say, there is a lot of information about Trump.

Mr. Barr released all the relevant information and it reveals there is no collusion and no obstruction. The redacted parts instead are something the Deep State wants hidden.

Clinton Collusion

An insider “with full knowledge of” the effort to redact necessary parts of the investigation revealed to Breitbart that “part of the report is redacted because it involved an ongoing investigation.” And that part involves the Clintons.

The insider, who discussed her findings on the condition of anonymity, says that the report “outlines various crimes committed by not just Hillary, but Bill Clinton.”

“Allegations of compromising Bill Clinton tapes obtained by the GRU are mentioned in the report, as well as some meetings that were camouflaged as something innocent. “In one case, Bill Clinton got a Snow Cone with a girl he met through Jeffrey Epstein.”

“Clinton believed the girl to be 17,” the source says, “but the reality is that she is 23 and a Russian spy.”

“There are definitely tapes,” the source says, “I’ve seen them.”

 The Moscow tapes

“The tapes are sexual in nature,” the source says. “And they include some disturbing footage involving bodily fluids, inflatable love dolls, bacon grease, and even tapioca pudding.”

The source says that Mueller’s team obtained the tapes and that they are “sitting in the evidence room awaiting court.”

The Russian agent’s name was Natasha Nogoodnik, who leads the “Moose” division of Russian intelligence’s American operations. This group has managed, the source says, to squirrel away many of our secrets with the help of the Clintons.

The source says the information and video evidence was used as blackmail “several times between 2001 and 2019 before they were obtained by the FBI.”

Hillary’s Big Payday

The redacted report also outlines an investigation into a donation to the Clinton campaign of 767,997 rubles.

The payments came shortly after Hillary Clinton met with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the back of a Steak and Shake in Hoboken, Utah in 2016.

Lock Them Up

It’s time for the Clinton Crime Family to face the music. They have already escaped several investigations unscathed thanks to the Deep State. We can’t let them get away again.

Contact your Congressman and demand that the Clintons be charged with collusion. The full, unredacted report was furnished to Congress already. They know what’s in it. But Democrats in the House are failing to act.

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