The Lying NY Times Didn’t Tell You About Trump’s 1995 and 1996 Taxes For a Reason

The New York Times ran a piece on Donald Trump’s early career in real estate, highlighting nearly $2 billion in losses over a 10-year period. That period, from 1985 to 1994, was a time of building for the future president.

Our own records, sent anonymously from an email account belonging to “INSIDERINFO” reveals that the Times had far more information than they disclosed and that they stopped at 1994 for a very good reason:

“The late 90’s were very good for Trump. He was in great health and his keen business skills were some of the best in the world. Everyone loved him. He wrote a great book that sold millions of copies. He was a great, great businessman. Made a ton of money in 95 and 96.”

According to the source, Trump made “more money in ’95 and ’96 than literally anyone else on earth,” which is why the Times and the media don’t want you to know about it. To corroborate the source, we pulled reports from that era of New York businesses and found that Trump’s spending habits increased 10 fold. That was also the year he paid cash to build Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The left will try to smear our president, no matter what the cost. Obviously, he’s trying to rule this country and doesn’t need the added distraction of how much money he made or lost. When has anyone ever cared so much about what a person did before they were elected? You get there, then you leave your mark.

That’s politics in America now, libbers. Get used to it.

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