Wine-Sipping Michelle Obama: Notre Dame Fire ‘Not My Problem’


As you’ve probably heard, former First “Lady” Michelle Obama had the audacity to ignore the tragic Notre Dame inferno altogether and instead enjoy a Parisian dinner cruise.

News of the fires broke as Obama was boarding her $246,000 dinner cruise along the Sac de Coq river. But instead of canceling her trip, she got on board anyway and had a great time.

Eyewitnesses report that Obama was “laughing and having a good time as the Cathedral burned.” One of her fellow passengers told Breitbart News that Obama was laughing and joking about the devastating inferno:

According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, Obama was cracking jokes about the fire.

“Not my problem,” she was overheard telling a woman as Obama took a sip of wine. “Why should I care if that whole corrupt temple burns to the ground?”

This was apparently in reference to the Catholic nature of the building.  The report goes on to say:

Obama then suggested a “drinking game” where everyone takes a sip of wine every time a “window blows out of that blight on humanity.”

Unsurprisingly, there were not any takers.

Witnesses say that the former First Lady was “visibly drunk” and was “observed bursting into laughter while watching news reports.”

“What is it Christians say?” she told one man — a member of the French press — over dinner. “Everything happens for a reason, and this is apparently God’s plan for the building.”

This part is surprising since Obama regularly claims to be a Christian. However, she has regularly been accused of being a Muslamic. This seems to finally be an admission of that.

Other reports accuse Obama of saying that she doesn’t “care what happens in Nova Scotia” — apparently mistakenly believing that the cathedral was not in Paris, but in another country altogether.

Unlike Obama, President Trump offered real solutions like “flying water tankers,” which would have put the fire out and definitely would not have collapsed the structure. That’s because unlike Michelle Obama, he was a great President. What’s she President of? Nothing — that’s what.

This is yet another disgraceful act by the Obamas. Michelle has a responsibility as a former First Lady to forever serve the United States of America.

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