The Budget Office Just Released Nancy Pelosi’s Taxpayer Funded Bar Tab

A few years ago, Nancy Pelosi was accused of running up huge bar tabs on flights around the world. According to credible sources like Michelle Bachmann and Sean Hannity, Pelosi spent more than $100K dollars on booze in the air.

That story wasn’t exactly true, however, even though it started a rumor about Nancy Pelosi being an alcoholic that was so vicious it drove her to drink. After that point, Pelosi was careful not to charge a Heineken to her House account on her way home to California. She wasn’t so careful in Washington.

According to the Congressional Petty Cash Budget Office:

“We only handle accounts up to a million dollars. We were required by law to disclose this week when Speaker Pelosi’s personal expense account hot $1,000,001. According to our records, $706,405 is for alcohol for her and her friends.”

Included in the purchases charged to the Speaker of the House for alcohol, there were also party favors and donations to a sorority at 2 AM that seems a little questionable, bringing the grand total of Pelosi’s drinking expenses to nearly $800K. Here’s a list of some of the more interesting items:

  • 2 bottles of Glennfiddich 1937 single malt – $65K each.
  • 1106 kegs of “Mike’s Harder Purple Grape,”  keg fridge, CO2 cartridge, and tap – $84K
  • 4,197 cases of Heineken
  • 12,109 bottles of Crown Royal
  • 4 solid gold “Solo Cups” for “quarters”
  • Beer pong table and balls signed by Art Tubolls – $106K
  • 109 bottles Johnny Walker Blue
  • 71,109 boxes of white zinfandel
  • 15 cases of condoms and some paper towels
  • a $4,114 “tip” for a delivery boy from the local liquor store
  • 11 Snickers and a Payday

Surely Mrs. Pelosi has had a good run, but it is time for these wasteful, shameful antics to be over. Our President was denied his custom gold toilet and this woman gets enough of the federal reserve of gold to mold into pieces for a drinking game? There is something very broken about the system, folks. Make her pay it back or lock her up!

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