Thanksgiving Miracle! President Trump Saves Soldier From Homelessness

The truth is right in front of you

Never let it be said that President Trump is without a heart. He is in Afghanistan today, visiting troops on a surprise visit, who were all thrilled to see him. But through the sea of smiling faces, Trump spotted one who appeared less than elated. This obviously concerned the President, so he arranged a one-on-one meeting with the sad soldier to find out what the problem was. What he heard broke his heart.

It seems that PFC Joe Barron had troubles at home. Medical bills for his son had skyrocketed recently, causing he and his wife to fall behind on other bills, the health of their child being more important to them than anything else. One such bill was their mortgage. They were unable to pay and the bank was set to foreclose. Barron’s family was about to become homeless.

But President Trump stepped up, immediately making arrangements for not only his past due payments to be taken care of out his own personal wealth, but the entire remaining balance of the mortgage. This is the size of Trump’s heart. As the man himself said:

“These young men are over here fighting for their country. It’s my responsibility to make sure they can do their job without having to worry about their families at home.”

When told that Barron’s situation was not uncommon and asked if he would also do something to ensure that this would not happen to others by making arrangements for family medical costs, Trump answered with a laugh:

“Haha! Of course not! That would be socialism!”

That’s our president, helping soldiers and preserving the American way.

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