Tlaib & Democrats Introduce Bill To Exempt Congress From All Taxation

Here we go again. Democrats are doing their own bidding in congress to line their pockets with other people’s money. A new bill being introduced in the House would make anyone in Congress exempt from taxation.

Citing efforts of the Tea Party, H.B. 2222 titled “Representation without Taxation Relief Bill” would immediately exempt every congressional position from paying taxes. The Democrats say this is an economic stimulus package.

Nancy Pelosi, who is worth more than $800 million, stands to make millions more if this passes.

Joe Barron, representative for “The Squad” says:

“Look, if these congress people have more money in their pockets, they are going to spend it. We stand to see an economic boom if Nancy and her friends can go to Dillards and buy all of the pant suits. All. Of. Them.”

Tlaib is also worth millions and hopes to invest in a third house, and possibly a netti pot, if this bill passes.

Of course, this tax cut will mean that there will need to be a decrease in social security distribution, and those who make more than $5 per hour will be bumped into a higher tax bracket and taxed at 33 percent.

Economic experts explain that this type of stimulus typically doesn’t work long term, as tax cuts given to wealthy people often result in just padding their savings accounts.

The democrats don’t plan to push this bill through unless Biden wins the presidency. They know Donald Trump, president of the working man, isn’t about to sign such a ridiculous piece of legislation.

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