Taylor Swift Humiliates Fan Wearing Trump Shirt Onstage


The younger millenial generation loves Taylor Swift.  From her popular hits “Shake it Off”, “You Ain’t My President”, and “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” to her sometimes racy on-stage antics, the young songstress has become an American pop icon as quickly as her last name.  She’s also made no secret of her liberal values, but now, she may have pushed it a little too far.

14-year old Jenny Taylia from Bagtrigger, Georgia, was a self-proclaimed “Swifty”, a fan of the artist, and was incredibly excited to receive tickets to her concert from her mother for growing a giant pumpkin.  She decided to wear her favorite T-shirt to the show, a MAGA top with her other idol, President Trump, proudly displayed in a field of stars and stripes.  But during the show, Swift spotted the shirt, called Jenny up on stage, and the young heartbroken lady described the rest :

“She asked me where I got my shirt, and I told her at Spencer’s at the mall.  She laughed and told everybody that i should have used my allowance to buy drugs instead.  Everybody laughed.  Then she said the next song was for me and they did that old ‘Stupid Girl’ song.  Everybody was laughing and I cried.  I don’t like her no more.  Can I be on the Fox channel next?”

Although the teenager did appear on Fox and Friends the next morning, she was sadly consumed by Sarah Huckabee when Kraft services ran out of kibble in the Green Room.

Taylia truly tried Taylor’s terrorizing time.  I’d certainly reconsider letting little Maggie Thatcher Gunnington listen to her un-American noise.  Who’s with me?

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