Tlaib to Trump: ‘Crawl Back In The Sewer Where You Came From’

The truth is right in front of you

After winning the Michigan race for a seat in the House of Representatives last November, Rashida Tlaib famously proclaimed that the new, Democrat majority House’s first order of business would be to “impeach the mo**erexpletiver”, referring to our lawfully elected president, Donald Jehoshaphat Trump.

Well, here we are 9 months later and still no impeachment. The notion was laughable in November, doubly so now. But it seems that the inability to find cause for impeachment has made Tlaib unhinged.

After the President politely suggested that she return to the nation from whence she came to do humanitarian work, then return to relay the tales  of her adventures and accomplishments, the Michigan born Tlaib basically committed treason by firing back through the press, saying,

“Donald, why don’t you crawl back into the sewer where you came from?”

The President was merely suggesting that Tlaib and the other democrat ladies join the Peace Corps, a wonderful organization dedicated to making the world a better place and reducing poverty and disease, through education and the establishment and renewal of vital infrastructure. They could really use the educated, compassionate minds of the four magnificent Democrat women!

Now this is not something that is one says to a president. It is vicious and inflammatory and highly disrespectful, making such crudity a capital offense in many third world dictatorships, including those for which President Trump has expressed deep admiration, making the possibility of the USA adopting similar laws a strong possibility should our great president achieve a second term. So Tlaib should watch her step, right? Yet she instead opted for more filth:

“This president has the morals of a snake, the intelligence of a baboon, and the equipment of a Mario Kart mushroom cap. And now he’s proven beyond doubt that he is a racist *mo**erexpletiver that needs to *expletiving go *expletive in a *expletive *expletive *expletive *expletive.”

This woman does not belong in government. She is the one that needs impeaching. She is a national disgrace.

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