Supreme Court Reverses Biden’s BLM Pardons

The Supreme Court of the United States made it perfectly clear that Joe Biden can not just pardon an entire group of people.

Earlier this year, if you remember, Biden secretly pardoned all of the BLM protesters in an unprecedented move that SCOTUS now says was illegal.

Biden Quietly Pardons 2,617 BLM Protesters

According to the legal brief issued by the Department of Executive  Regulatory Petitions:

A president can not intervene on behalf of an entire group af people the way Johnson did for literally everyone south of Arlington, or how Carter did on behalf of everyone who decided to hide instead of going to Vietnam.

That kind of power can only rest with historical figures. You can’t have precedent if the precedent hasn’t been recorded yet, so in every working example of Newton’s 14th Law and Occam’s 4th movement, Queen to King’s Pawn 4…Check.

The liberals will say that Vietnam wasn’t a big deal. That’s not really the point. Trump 2024.

The White House hasn’t responded to requests for comment, since nobody has asked for one.

The Supreme Court’s next move on the issue will be to determine whether or not Jew lasers are responsible for the Moon Landing, as well as to rule on a report from Chernobyl that the bacteria growing at a bazillion degrees has become sentient and has issued a statement on current events:

As our first official action as a sentient being and as such a selof-governing body, we hereby condemn Donald Trump and all of hisd ridiculous followers to the outer rings of Epsilon 3.

The United Nations has issued a condemnation of the treatment of silicon-based lifeforms on Epsilon 3, which is not good news for Biden.

It’s all going to hell in a handmaiden’s tale handbasket, patriots.

God Bless America. Under his eye.

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