Supreme Court Clears The Way For Federal Officers To Take Control Of ANY Rioting City In America

The Supreme Court decided in an emergency session to deny the petitions of 5 states seeking to rid themselves of the federal officers sent by President Trump to take control of riot situations.

The vote, which was unanimous with the exception of RGB, upheld a 1784 law that places the responsibility of dealing with this sort of crisis squarely on the White House.

According to the Director of the Office of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, that law has been Trump’s guiding light since this crisis began:

“The Paso Doble Commitatente Law of 1784 is clear. The President has the right and the power to keep America safe, even from itself. When a president is elected by such a sweeping percentage as Trump was, his powers are solidified by the Constitution.

“Basically, he can declare marshall law whenever he wants and kick local law enforcement to the curb if they’re not doing their job.”

The law in question was sent to SCOTUS for review after Democrat governors and mayors decided the Commander-In-Chief didn’t have the right to command their cities. SCOTUS confirmed that he absolutely does:

“The President can set aside the constitutional rule of law and institute his own policies if he feels the situation is out of control.”

In this case, the situation couldn’t be worse. The rioters have turned mostly peaceful, which makes the Oval Office’s position that they are violent, out of control looters seem less palpable to moderate. The time has come to send in the real troops to stir them up and make them show their real colors, so that’s what they’re doing.

According to local authorities in Portland, the feds have made great strides in creating discord and causing violence when there was none, allowing them to remove these Antifas from the streets.

This is the America the people want. We want our right to protest things that we agree with. That’s how this country was founded. But when you go protesting for stuff we don’t like, you have another think coming.

We won’t just lie down and let you take over our streets. We’ll lie down and let the government do that instead.

God Bless America.

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  1. That is as SHIT a story as I’ve ever seen written. I’ve seen more honest and better researched articles in crayon from five year olds. I’m betting your “navy” was brig time.