Donald Trump Is Saving the World

The truth is right in front of you

The world has gone completely insane, and one man, Donald John Trump is saving it from complete destruction. No one has ever seen anything like this before, believe us. And President Trump and his family are pulling out all of the stops to save us all.

It started out when he totally took control and took responsibility for everything that was happening. In his words, the buck stopped with him. Coupled with the excellent decisions he’s made, Donald Trump is coming out smelling like roses.

Never before has the world seen the turbulent times we are in, and never before have we had such a hero. Strong, fit, well spoken and Godly. I mean he ranks right up there with Jesus Christ.

When trouble came, Donald J. Trump was right there, golf club in hand, daughter-wife Ivanka cheering him on, and whoever that other woman who can barely speak English is, as well.

Liberals have been admitting all over the place, he’s the right man, no, the only man for the job. Even in the midst of these troubling times, the economy is steady, unemployment at record numbers, and nobody is going without the things they need.

Donald Trump and those two Beavis and Butthead looking dopey kids he sometimes acknowledges are right there, getting their hands dirty, for the betterment of their pocketbooks.

His ardent, extremely intelligent, well spoken supporters will tell you the same thing. Ever since he was elected, they’ve been busy owning the libs, because when you’re unemployed and in complete denial, really, what else is there to do?

Joe Barron, a Trump voter from the start, agreed, and as he put it so eloquently, “I like him cuz he’s never on vacation like that gullderned Obummer”

God sent us Donald Trump, because locusts would have been too obvious. That’s right. God himself gave us his only begotten, really crappy real estate agent/reality tv show host/charlatan, Donald Trump. Who else could have done what he has?

The grace in which he speaks at press briefings is enough to make liberal democrats understand that this man, no, this Superman, is everything this country ever needed or wanted. Looks, style, class, everything they wish Obama had, but he did not. We are so blessed to have this superhero as our President. He truly is, the savior of America, and all of humankind. God bless you, Donald Trump.

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