Supreme Court May Delay Election Until 2021


The country is certainly doing it’s best to weather what’s become an historic crisis this year, with President Trump at the forefront, working his hardest to concentrate on the best solutions, the best science, and the best methods to keep us all safe from the deadly pandemic sweeping the land.  Day and night, he and his team of experts toil for our safety, ignoring the other problems that plague us, including migrants at the border, unisex bathrooms, and the scourge of not owning Iceland.

Kushner is already chomping at the bit to build Iceland’s “No Lawsuits Allowed” theme park.

All this hoopla has taken away much of the administration’s work time, and luckily, our now Kavanaughed Supreme Court has stood up and noticed.  Simply put, their determination is, this is not a good season for an election.  That’s why they have announced to the media that it may be a very real option to postpone the election until 2021.

The extra time would allow President Trump to finish his efforts to bring our country back to its glory, unimpeded by critical nonsense, campaigning for his second term without valuable white power rallies, and daily press conferences raising his already sky-high blood pressure.  For God’s sake, the poor man hasn’t even seen his wife’s plastic vagina in over 8 months.

Oh great, NOW look at it. Anyone got a lighter and a butter knife?

What would an extra year on his term benefit America?  Joe Barron of the conservative think-tank New Ways to Cheat explains:

“An extra year for Trump to properly prepare his election preparation would be a Godsend.  He’s not going to be able to debate Joe Biden without looking like the world’s dumbest speckled-ass chimp if he can’t properly adderall up.  He’s been woefully deficient on his golf scores, and he really wanted to get to throwing more people off of their health insurance by hamstringing Obamacare during a pandemic.  The SCOTUS knows there’s no hurry to make him run some silly contest while kids in school are Bibleless.  This is the little breather that America wants and needs.”

I’m not entirely sure we need this Little Breather, though.

The court intends to rule on the concept sometime within the coming month.  Is another UNINTERRUPTED year of Trump what the country needs?  There certainly are a whole lot of dented-head throwback morons who think so.

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