Publisher To Remove Trump from All K-12 Textbooks


Citing what they call “a consequence of impeachment”, Washburn Publishing, America’s largest school textbook company announced that it would be removing any and all mention of President Trump from next year’s K-12 curriculum.  The publisher feels that such a move is necessary to save children the embarrassment of coming to terms with parents who may have supported the failed leader.

Vice President Mike Pence will be described as a cuddly plush toy that was popular during Christmas season.

Spokesman for Washburn Joe Barronovich explained to the Educational Quarterly Queefer the details :

“A presidential impeachment is no small thing, and there are repercussions.  We at Washburn feel that the best thing to do is to completely eliminate Trump from all record for the future.  Let the country and it’s progeny forget that this mistake was made to put a very obvious criminal con man in the highest office.   We don’t want our future leaders to know anything about him for fear one or two might be mentally ill and try to emulate him.”

The publisher added that students entering a college or university would be better suited to research President Trump on their own, citing that it will be selling an extensive book : “The Boomers Were Gullible” to be sold in local bookstores next to Donald Trump Jr’s tome : “I’m a Useless Twat.”

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