Source: Suicide Faked; Epstein In Witness Protection

The truth is right in front of you

A somewhat reliable source inside the Federal Penitentiary System has leaked that prolific pedophile, Jeff Epstein, did not commit suicide last night, but rather suggests that he has struck a deal with prosecutors and has been spirited away into Witness Protection.

The deal relies upon his testimony against many in the left wing government with regard to their involvement in child slave smuggling and consumption of adrenachrome. In exchange for his truthful testimony, he will maintain his freedom, under government protection for life.

Our source inside the prison explained the events of last night:

“In the middle of the night, Epstein was wheeled out on a gurney to the infirmary but not a single nurse saw him. It was a ruse to get him to the backdoor where a transport truck waited.

We don’t do weekend transfers. It only happens in extreme circumstances and only when ordered by someone very high up.

The transport vehicle. That’s all.

Epstein went out but the gurney came back…..with somebody else in it. A body. It went straight to Epstein’s cell.

They switched the bodies. Epstein is very much alive.”

This is huge news and can only mean that the pedo purge from government and the elites is very near. The coming months should be very interesting.

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