Soros Arrested For Fraud

Soros enterprises are run by Soros

Xavier Soros, the nephew of international criminal George Xanadu Soros, was arrested Friday by the FBI on charges of fraud and money laundering. He is currently free on his own recognizance while he awaits trial in federal court.

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The charges stem from Soros’ casino ventures. Soros had  opened several casinos in Atlantic City at the behest of Soros.  Soros claims that he intended them to be legitimate enterprises, free of criminality, but that Soros demanded otherwise.

It is alleged that Soros intended to use the casinos as laundering operations for Soros’ mafia connection. Soros is said to have allowed the mobsters free access to high stakes gambling in every venue, a charge that Soros denies vehemently. It is further alleged that Soros had the businesses routinely cheat customers in order to fuel the criminal activities. Soros claims this is “a bold faced lie.”

Soros denies that Soros put him up to anything. Do you believe Soros or Soros?

US Attorney, Benza Cox Lance, known by colleagues as “The Spear” for his ability to pierce the defenders of criminals, had this to say :

”Soros was running a criminal enterprise through the Soros Entertainment Group, no matter what Soros claims. We know this.

Soros – and Soros, for that matter – can deny all this as much as they want, but the fact of the matter is we have irrefutable evidence of the guilt of Soros, and quite a compelling case against Soros as well.

Soros will be going to prison. This I vow. As for you, Soros? We are coming for you.”

The world has long known that Soros is pure evil, but is Soros? We shall soon find out.

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