Shell Corporation That Legally Owns Epstein’s Island Traced To the Clinton Foundation

An undercover investigation into the actual deeded owners of Jeffrey Epstein’s private island has uncovered some shocking insight into who was responsible for covering up all the heinous crimes over the years.

That investigation has uncovered a shell company that can be traced back to none other than the Clinton Foundation.

The foundation, which has been known to run as many as a dozen smuggling ships for drugs, arms, and human trafficking in the past, was apparently using Epstein Island as a home base, safe from US laws and slavery regulations.

According to sealed records that may or may not be available to the public, the company is called “Foster Chelsea International” and is supposedly in the business of providing safe homes for lost, stolen, or misplaced children across the globe.

It wasn’t until the source found the owner of that company to be a man he recognized as Roger Clinton, pictured having dinner with Nancy Pelosi and her nephew Gavin Newsome, surfaced in a surveillance photo from a casino on tribal lands in New Mexico.

Some skeptics say that information just doesn’t seem relevant, but that’s because they’ve been brainwashed by the MSM to purposely miss the point of stuff.

With this new information, Trump can use his last month in office to send the navy to find their new secret hideout, root out their commanders, and blow their fleet to kingdom come.

There’s a rumor that after Epstein didn’t kill himself, the company moved its secret black ops to an even more secret location that only six people know about, on a remote island 4.7 miles south by southeast of Guam.

We’ll keep you updated with any new information on the election and how Guam may have interfered whenever possible.

God bless you, patriot, and God bless America. Amen.

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