‘Sanctuary’ – California Bans Deportation Flights From Airports


Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi’s liberal bastion of California has just raised the stakes concerning what a “sanctuary state” is.  The pair have teamed up to craft legislation to outright restrict, through use of a statewide ban, any and all flights designated by I.C.E. to deport captured illegal aliens to their countries of origin.  The annoucement was made this morning from the veranda at the Sandy Batt Memorial Beer Garden in San Francisco.

It’s a great place if you’re day-drinking on a budget.

The ban is another in a long string of “rebellious” actions of defiance from the state towards the policies of the Trump administration.  Newsom, a first-term Governor, seems to be flexing his apple-like muscles, while still complaining about inadequate aid for California’s recent wildfires.  Also on the books is Speak of the House Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous impeachment attempt against the President, which succeeded, even though he was then acquitted by the testicle-nuzzling Republicans in the Senate.  The only standout for the acquittal was Senator Mitt Romney, which made him one of those things you appreciate, but don’t actually full-on like, like that song where Sting sings with Shaggy.

If you’re heading to a bar, and this is what you see out front, you’re going to see a lot of glasses with just dentures in them inside.

Fox News legal expert Joe Barron told the three grown thalidomide babies on Fox and Friends that he doubts the effectiveness of the ban :

“I’m not sure they can override a federal agency like I.C.E. by somehow cancelling all their flights like that.  It sounds like something someone made up.  Airports can’t tell airlines where to fly, really, except when theiy’re complying with the President’s racist-ass policies.  And that, unfortunately, is federal.  What California should be focusing on is getting some better sushi places around Oakland and areas south of Oakland.  That’s really more of a crisis when I want some Unagi Maki for lunch.”

Currently, the ban has already taken effect at LAX, SFO, and San Jose International airports, with San Diego putting up a frail resistance, since that is the city where California keeps it’s 6 Republican citizens.  But everyone is confident that “sanctuary” will come there too, eventually, and we all know what that means : taco trucks on every corner and pressing “1” for English.

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