Iran Forces 11-Year-Old Girl To Give Birth To Father’s Baby

This is pure evil

In America, we cherish our children. We make sure that liberals don’t murder them in the womb. And we damn sure take care of them after they are born. But in Iran, Muslammic Mullahs just made a sick decision in a landmark court case: an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her father is now being forced to give birth to the baby.

Majmue Al’akadhib is a victim. She was abused by her father, who was apparently following in the footsteps of Muhammad. But that abuse was compounded when a court decided unanimously that even though she is a victim of abuse, she must be forced to carry the child to term — despite the health risks associated with incest.

“Allah commands that life must happen, and happen it will,” says Judge-Imam Dawnalid Turmib. “The girl was seeking an abortion for her own comfort and did not think of the life inside her. So we thought of it for her.”

The court ruled that Al’akadhib must undergo weekly checkups from the doctor at her own expense and threatened that “if these terms are violated, both the girl and her parents will be imprisoned.”

This is exactly the sort of thing that happens in Muslammic countries. Fortunately, in America, we would never even consider forcing an underage girl who was abused by her father to give birth to the baby.

Sharia Law is evil. This is proof of it. Any ideology that would punish a child for wanting to terminate a pregnancy under these circumstances is of the devil.

When President Trump said that we need to limit who comes into the country, he meant that we need to keep people who have these “values” out. And he’s right — they should all leave, by force if necessary.

Sharia Law is evil.

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