Senate Republicans Preparing to File Abuse of Power Charges Against Adam Schiff

Sources inside the Waldo Simmons Senate Building have confirmed to our reporters that Senate Republicans are discussing the best way to move forward with charges against Adam Schiff. According to one anonymous source that may or may not be credible, Schiff’s actions in the impeachment hearings have stirred the pot and Senate Republicans have had enough.

That source, Art Tubolls, is an aid to Mitch McConnell and agreed to speak on condition of anonymity:

“Senator McConnell has had it with people questioning the Republican leadership. He’s ready to file abuse of power charges against Adam Schiff for his illegal and immoral attacks on President Trump. He told his staff that it isn’t up to the House Democrats to decide what does or does not constitute an impeachable offense, and he was right.”

That’s true. According to the Constitution, the House can ask for charges and start inquiries, but making blanket accusations without evidence is tantamount to treason. By besmirching the good name of the President, Schiff has undermined the entire office and reduced its effectiveness to govern.

The White House isn’t responding to questions on the matter other than to say that President Trump strongly agrees with McConnell’s course of action. “He’s a very smart man,” said President Trump, “It’s time for him to serve the President and make this nonsense stop before I have to take matters into my own hands.”

His office clarified that the President doesn’t want to have to go through the motions of declaring martial law and suspending our elections, but he may have to if the illegal impeachment doesn’t stop soon. A recent poll of Trump’s base said they would support that move if necessary.

The Democrats need to watch their backs.

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