Senate Democrats Unveil Impeachment Lawyers

Now that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have voted for their illegal coup to dethrone a sitting President, they’re rolling out their gameplan. In what may be one of the biggest surprises yet, they’ve announced their roster of aids and attorneys for the persecution of President Trump:

“In accordance with Senate Rule 4502D, we declare the following Juris Doctors to be fully aware of the facts and beliefs of the party prosecuting this impeachment. They have all been sworn, under oath, to attorney-client privilege in connection with a Congressional Panel and are therefore exempt from bearing witness for or against themselves or the President:

Joseph Barron, PhD, JD, BFF, LLOD

Sandy Batt, FT, JD, BFF LLOD

Barack Obama, JD, MA, BMF

Art Tubolls, PhD, JD, LLOD

Hillary Clinton, JD, MA, RBF

Malcom Andbob, JD, BFF, LLOD

These men and women have the full support of Congress to proceed fairly.”

The list reads like a liberal picnic, with four of the lawyers being former aides and pages for Clinton when he was impeached. Joe Barron was the man who had the blue dress suppressed until the Supreme Court stepped in, nearly costing the GOP the whole battle.

But that’s not what is most disturbing. What is most disturbing is that the attorney-client privilege granted to Obama and Clinton means they can’t be investigated by Congress.

They’ve managed to make this charade worthwhile, but only to help criminals get away with murder, extortion, and treason.

The American people need to stand up and do something. Call the White House and leave a message for President Trump that you think he should sign an Executive Order forbidding such partisans from being involved in the process.

The White House has always said they’re ready and willing to listen to the will of the people, and this is within the President’s power under Article 7 Section 11 of the United States Constitution.

God bless you, patriots. And God bless America.

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