Secret Investigation Uncovers Obama’s Fortune-Making Scam

The truth is right there in front of you

Former President Barack Obama was deterred from making money off of his past position as president, mainly because President Donald J Trump had put the brakes on it.

Trump stopped Obama from any and all financial gain stemming from Obama’s time in office, and Obama, desperate for cash because of several investigations into his time in office had used advance fee email scams to make money, and make money he did. It was truly disgusting.

 “I am a wealthy Kenyan Prince and all I want to do is give people money!”

Obama, who dragged the country into financial hardship, was having a hard time making ends meet after Trump pulled his yearly salary as ex president. Obama had to do something, and since community organizing isn’t the cash cow he thought it could be, Obama, yet again, broke laws and did as he pleased to make millions off of Americans and Europeans.

The scams originated in Chicago and Washington DC, mainly to give it an air of legitimacy, something he couldn’t get in office.

Advance fee scams were made popular in places like Ghana and Nigeria and Russia, and what they are is someone says you have millions of dollars waiting for you but you first must pay a fee. The fees range from $100 all the way to $10,000 and more.

Obama simply said he was a Kenyan prince, and he had $10,000,000 US dollars waiting for the victim, all they had to do was provide the fee of $10,000 to get $10,000,000. Seeing as how people trusted Obama, they gave away their cash directly to him.

Scam victims have come forward to tell about how they’ve been had by the former President. Clint Herzog, a Wisconsin resident, gave $15,000 to Kenyan prince Obama. He couldn’t believe he’d been scammed, since scamming the money to send to the prince himself.

He simply just got people to send him money for his penile implant surgery, hoping he’d raise enough to be a millionaire. Now he’s not only broke but also woefully hung.

Another scam victim, Joe Barron, actually got Obama to send him money. Barron played the system. He tricked Obama into thinking he’s a Norwegian prince. Nobody said these people were bright.

Obama’s scam was caught and shit down quietly by Barr’s justice department, but not before the Trump administration took notes on how to grift even more from his brain damaged supporters.

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