Second ‘Whistleblower’ Worked for Hillary Clinton in Obama’s State Department

We all know that the so-called “whistleblower” isn’t even a real person. According to our President, it’s all a fake conspiracy invented by the Deep State to discredit him before the next election. There wasn’t even a first-hand account of Trump’s crimes. It was all hearsay.

Now, a second whistleblower has come forth, this time with supposed “first-hand knowledge.” White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gust DeTater, told us the new complaint is as frivolous as the last:

“The President released the transcript. The first whistleblower’s version was nothing like it. Either he’s lying or our President, known for truth and transparency, is lying. Now we’re supposed to believe that someone with first-hand knowledge of the incident is also willing to lie to hurt Trump? What kind of age of lies are we living in?”

The latest whistleblower, a former White House operative named Art Tubolls, has lawyered-up and is refusing to answer Rudy Giuliani’s questions. What we do know, is that Tubolls was a high-ranking official in the Clinton State Department under Obama and may or may not have been responsible for helping her bleach her server.

The State Department says that Tubolls was let go and managed to get himself a job inside the White House. How he got through the impressive vetting process is a (Deep State Soros involved) mystery.

Not to worry. Rudy will make this whistleblower look just as guilty as the last. It’s only a matter of time.

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