Romney Urges Pelosi to Impeach in Segment on ‘The View’


Mitt Romney used to be a Republican.  But, along with some other phony Rinos who lost their minds with jealousy when Donald Trump became President, now he’s a traitorous liberal turncoat.  And where do traitorous liberal turncoats have a free television soapbox? On the afternoon cry-fest known as “the View.”

If you stand in front of a mirror, spin around 3 times and say “elbow fat” each time, Joy Behar will appear and nag you about how you dress.

During a segment of the program scheduled to air this coming Friday, the former governor and presidential candidate was asked by Megan McCain to give his thoughts about what he knew about the Mueller report.  Romney wasted no time launching into a liberal attack that even his weird Mormon god would be embarrassed by :

“Well, what I think is that Mrs. Pelosi should begin impeachment hearings immediately.  The report clearly proves nearly a dozen instances of obstruction of justice.  By the sacred holy decaffeinated balls of Brigham Young, this criminal must go!”

It’s long past time that the View and the loser Mitt Romney should be relegated to history’s trash heap.  Perhaps Heavenly Father will someday bestow that blessing upon us all.

Don’t make us break out the Kryptonite, Mittens.
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