Rittenhouse Prosecutor Fired

The second Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, it became time to celebrate. America won. Now, we get to sit back and watch as the whole thing unravels on liberals.

This morning began with a bang as the City of Kenosha fired back at the inept prosecutor and fired him. According to Town Manager, Art Tubolls, the only way he could have kept his job was to win:

“Well, let’s see…he pointed a gun at jurors, so right there he was all done. The fact that he lost just makes it easy. He can go chase ambulances.”

Walking Dead Jesus. I don’t know why. God Bless America.

There you have it. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t fired for bringing a case against a murderer who walked as free as everyone knew he would.

Gotta give the defense credit for that kid’s performance on the stand. “Just repeat after me, kid…I didn’t want to kill Mr. Rosenbaum. If he would have gotten my gun he would have killed me.” aaaaaaaaand scene.

Well done Kyle. You have a promising career of painting confederate flags with George Zimmerman.

I’ll tell you what, patriots, we have ourselves some weird-ass heroes.

God Bless America.

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