Revealed : Obama Was A Draft Dodger

He’s a coward!

When your country calls, you answer the bell. That’s just the way it is. Those that are unwilling to fight for their country are traitors. Those types of cowards can never make a claim to patriotism. Now, recent investigations into the life of Barack Hussein Obama have revealed a startling blow to claims that he was a patriotic American – proof positive that he was a draft dodger.

It was May 1970. The Soetero family had just returned from Kenya and were residing in Hawaii. The Vietnam war was in full swing and Barry was scared.

He was scared of having to go to war.  He knew his time was coming, that he could be called up in the draft at any moment. So he did what any yellow-bellied snake would do. He left the country.

The young Barry Soetero is seen here, laughing at America as he snubbed serving her.

He actually got out by the skin of his teeth. One month later on his birthday, his number came up. By that time, however, he was safely tucked away in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Smoking pot and having gay sex with all of the other thousands  of American draft dodgers who had crossed  the border.

This is actually the reason for the name change. As we all know, his name was not always Obama. He was born Barry Soetero in Kenya, Africa. It was his avoidance of the law when he returned from the Great White North that spurred him to change his name to Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama.

The draft dodger.

The traitor.

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