Republicans Winning Ethnic Votes From Democrats

The truth is right in front of you.

President Trump and the modern day Republicans have been winning over the hearts and minds of voters across the country. More and more people are seeing every day the great things that the GOP is capable of. But certain ethnic groups have always been the holdouts, refusing to see the good the Republicans can do. Now that is changing as a  significant ethnic minority group has seen the light and is throwing their support behind God’s Party.

It’s not a segment of society that you would suspect of coming over. It is, in fact, the one you would least suspect. It is the Islamiac community that has decided that the Republican Party is right for them.

Proving once again that those willing to get blood on their hands for financial gain exist in every segment of society.

A representative for the Musslamian voting rights group, Change The USA, Amin Yapusi, had this to say :

“The Muslim community has a long thought of Republicans as being racist and against our beliefs. For example, they have always talked about killing us and claimed to be against our views on the lesser sex.

It seems, however, that such rhetoric was merely an act. A devious means to get the support they wanted to make the legal changes they saw as necessary. A great subterfuge. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves. This was an expert taqqiya performance. They schooled us.

Asked if they would also support Trump, Tlaib and Omar replied, “Let’s see how impeaching the motherf**ker works first.”

The past couple of months have seen many changes to abortion laws and women’s rights in several states in the hands of the Republicans. We are very pleased with these laws as they show the Republican Party supports sharia fully and completely. As such, we will now support them.


The White House was not available for comment but did indicate that they were very pleased with this newfound support.

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