Pete Buttigieg Faces Federal Charges For All-Male Staff, ‘Rainbow Pledge’


‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg (pronounced Booty-Gig) loves to call President Donald Trump a “bigot” and accuse him of “discrimination of the highest order.” He loves to call Mike Pence a “fake Christian” But did you know that the “rising star” Democrat violated civil rights and was just admonished by the Supreme Court?

A Supreme Court case regarding Buttigieg’s hiring practices has ended — and once again, Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh was the deciding vote on the side of justice.

According to the complaint, when Buttigieg was Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he hired an “all-male staff.” The complaint said that “female applicants’ paperwork was routinely throw in the garbage as Buttigieg refused to even consider their applications.”

In addition, part of the application process was the “Rainbow Pledge” — a promise that the applicant was gay or “considering being gay”

This, of course, is clear discrimination against straight, heterosexual Christians — and against women, despite Democrat claims to be “pro-woman.”

Additional matters the complaint addressed were “all-day marathons of It’s Raining Men on the office intercom system,” Buttigieg’s decision to address everyone as “sweetie,” and “mandatory paid dance parties” as well as “frequent visits from strippers dressed as construction workers.”

Buttigieg was ordered to pay an undisclosed dollar amount in restitution to 43 victims who say they were discriminated against.

Recently, Buttigieg accused Mike Pence of “discriminating against gay people” while in fact the South Bend mayor is doing the opposite. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination, especially at a time when straights are under attack more than ever.

Buttigieg wants to be our President, but he will only be President for people who are exactly like him. To men like Buttigieg, the tribe is all that matters. Fortunately we conservatives don’t share that mindset.

He says he’s a Christian, but his entire lifestyle is an abomination according to Ezekiel 23:20. And he certainly doesn’t act like he loves Jesus.

Buttigieg also faces federal charges, including “felony violations of civil rights” and “fabulousness in the first degree.”

It’s time for “Mayor Pete” to drop out of the race.

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