Ben Carson Alleges : ‘Rampant Racism in Trump White House’


Dr. Ben Carson has broken his cone of silence and sent shockwaves through the Trump administration this last week, alleging that in meetings, assignments, and experiences suffered while working in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, he has seen and been the victim of : “rampant and heartily encouraged racism” within the White House.

Records do reflect that for most of 2016, Trump believed that the Vice President was : “One of those little albino horsies.”

Carson, who many Trump supporters remember as being black, has been in his position for nearly four years, one of the only original appointments made by the *President, as well as one of the quietest regarding media spotlight.  However, according to Sandy Batt of the NAACP, he’s had enough of constant abuse and discomfort and is ready to break his silence:

“Dr. Carson has a laundry list of overtly racist complaints with this administration.  During his first week of employment at the department, he was greeted daily by Caucasian staff members who assumed he was a custodian, and repeatedly asked him to mop up coffee spills in hallways.  After they had been set straight, instances of prankish and overtly racist behavior began to appear.  The displaying of posters from the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movie with Mel Gibson cut out taped to office doors – a large statue in the likeness of the surgeon constructed completely from empty grape drink containers in the rotunda – several employees humming the Guns-n-Roses song ‘One in a Million’ while dining in the break room.  These are only a few disgusting examples of the behavior Carson has had to deal with.  There’s also the troubling fact that the *President himself often refers to him as : ‘my chocolate baby.’  I’m shocked the poor man kept it secret as long as he did.”

Carson also revealed photos of this cake, presented at this year’s office birthday party.

Carson wouldn’t answer questions from media outlets asking whether or not he’d be stepping down from his position, or if he will be filing suit against the administration.  He has made clear that he’s had quite enough trouble for one term, though.  Apparently, it DOES take a brain surgeon to see a racist in the White House.


* impeached

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