Q Revealed? Reports Hint At Identity

The man  known simply as Q has become a hero to many. He is simultaneously a deliverer of justice, a reporter of evil, a messenger of god, and a communicator of The Grand Plan. In fleeting moments when a few of the faithful have lost sight of the vision of our leader, he rights their course.

He has stood up to up to liberalism, confronting the leader known as “Guinan” at every turn. From San Francisco to El-Aurian, he has fought this witch at every turn.

Q has also had several confrontations with these Musslamic-like people. Brutal, immoral heathens, all.

He has opposed the communist menace at every opportunity, calling them a “grievously savage race” for their continuous attempts to spread their sick, cubed ideology.

He is a man of action, penalizing the impudence of the security thug Tasha Yar, exposing Dr Beverly Crusher as the dog she is, and fending off the advances toward his companion, Vash, of Juilan Bashir with a knockout blow.

He has long kept his identity a secret, presumably so that he could continue his great works for the betterment of our universe and likely to protect his only child, who we know only by the adorable name, “Q2”. And now the “hacktivist” group – those participating in activism in the technological and virtual worlds- known as “The Continuum”, claims that Q’s identity has been revealed.

Is this man Q? Yes, he is.

The Continuum released a statement claiming that Q is actually one of their own – a member of their very group – named John de Lancie. But de Lancie is nothing more than a has-been actor, who briefly gained fame as an occasional character on the several Gene Roddenberry inspired “Star Trek” series. His character on the series was ridiculous at best. He was a “mysterious all-knowing figure who had his pulse on the goings-on of all things throughout the universe.” Ludicrous. They don’t call it science FICTION for nothing.

So we know, of course,  that this “revelation” is just another fake. The Deep Space continues to try to undermine the efforts of the REAL great Q, Voyager of righteousness in this Genesis of a new world.

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