Proof Unearthed: Hillary Is A Russian Asset

Since the first moment that she began to accuse President Trump of colluding with the Russians, suspicions arose that Hillary Clinton may have been making that accusation to deflect attention away from her own involvement in the very same thing. Popular thought was that this was a classic case of a tactic taken right from the Nazi playbook – “accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty of”.

The reality is that her involvement with Russia goes much deeper than mere collusion to manipulate an election. The document discovered by Federal investigators suggests that she may actually be a Russian plant. A double agent. A spy.

A passport has been discovered bearing Hillary Clinton’s likeness but it is not of American issue. It is a Russian document. The name on it is not her own but the picture leaves zero doubt that it belongs to the former First Lady.

Add to that the revelation from a federal leaker that Clinton has for years been meeting with a contact at the Russian Consulate in DC by the name of Josef Barronivich – suspected to be her handler – and all the pieces seem to be in place to confirm where Mrs. Clinton’s loyalties really lie.

Photographs show that Clinton was clearly friendly with Russian Josef Barronivich, formerly of the KGB.

Hillary’s camp declined comment, calling the suggestion “absurd and deplorable” so we got in touch with Barronivich to confirm the supposition. He has little to say:

“This idea is ridiculous! Russia despises this woman! Nobody in Russia has ever even met her. Not me, not anybody!”

Really Boris? Are you really going to say you’ve never met her when our intelligence community has visits to you logged? When we have photographs of the two of you together? Your denial just confirmed our suspicions.

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