President Trump Will Open All Of His Golf Courses To The Public For FREE When Lockdowns End

President Trump has once again shown America what true generosity looks like. Our great president has announced that as soon as the economy reopens, he will open all 17 of his golf courses to the public to play — absolutely free of charge.

The move will cost his company more than $400 million if even a tenth of Americans take advantage of the offer, but he isn’t concerned about that. According to his golf club manager, Art Tubolls, President Trump is far more concerned with making sure Americans are happy:

“President Trump believes that visiting his courses and playing an all-American game like golf will help people return to normal. He has so much to lose, but he isn’t worried. He’s pretty sure people will spend some of their hard-earned money on the other products available to make up for some of the losses.”

The Trump clubs have all been ordered to waive all greens fees for one round of golf per person per day. There will still be charges to rent golf carts, and those looking to walk the course will have to pay a $40 View fee to cover the costs of landscaping.

The kitchens will also be helping out by reducing the cost of food by 5 percent and offering kid-friendly meals like Kraft Mac n Cheese for just $15. Bottles of water that usually sell for $3.50 will be reduced to $3.25, and you’ll be able to grab fresh fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas for just $11 each in between holes.

Some have criticized the move, saying that a view fee and a greens fee are the same, and that if Trump wanted to make a real difference he’d op[en up all of the club’s kitchens as well as the ones in his hotels to serve food to the public rather than allowing them to play a game considered elitist by most.

They obviously don’t understand how generosity works.

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