President Trump To Receive Humanitarian Award From AMA

Cancer Discovery Will Save Millions

President Trump’s startling revelation about Windmill Cancer has shocked the world.  Why? Because nobody knew about it before. Were it not for the President exposing the truth about these giants, Windmill Cancer may have gone undetected for many more years to come. Now that we know about it, work can begin on prevention and eventually, a cure. Who knows how many lives may have been saved by Trump’s discovery.

Medical professionals are baffled by how this has been overlooked for so long.

Trump’s analysis of the disease caused by the green movement didn’t stop there. He has since revealed that solar power causes aids, electric cars create impotence, and hemp products give STD’s.  All are now being aggressively researched and cures are on the horizon.

The American Medical Association has recognized this monumental discovery from our president and a ceremony will soon be announced at which President Trump will be honored with the “Humanity’s Last Hope Award”. This prize gives notice to those who offer the most through their wisdom toward extending the existence of human in the future. The President’s medical analysis fits the bill perfectly. In fact, the AMA estimates that 600 million lives could be saved in the next 5 years alone because of these new prognoses .

Don Quixote was an early pioneer in the fight against wind power. Trump has concluded his storied work.

The AMA plans to further honor Trump by naming Windmill Cancer after its discoverer. They will officially unveil the new moniker of “Trump Tumors” at the same ceremony.

Yet another great achievement from our great president. His commitment to the betterment of humankind is unprecedented. Way to go, sir!

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