President Trump Named World’s Sexiest Man

Making America Sexy Again!

Ladies Luv magazine has announced its winner of the first quarter of 2019 “World’s Sexiest Man” and it’s no surprise who this prestigious award is going to – President Donald J. Trump.

Some have suggested this picture is fake. The fact that Trump is such an avid reader AND he’s holding a book prove otherwise.

The President beat a long list of other contenders including Idris Elba, Justin Trudeau, and Chris Hemsworth. In fact, it wasn’t even close. Trump took 86.4% of the votes cast , the remaining 17.9% being scattered across 192 names.

Magazine spokesperson, Larry Lubiner, told us of the excitement around this year’s selection :

“ We think that President Trump is the perfect choice for sexiest man in the world! Between his rock hard abs,  his perfect butt, and his chiselled good looks, he is really the only choice. Add to that his wealth, his respect for women, his education, and his charm and he really had no competition this year. Even I can’t keep my eyes off him. The things I would do with that man! Mmmmmmm…..”

President Trump will appear on cover of the magazine’s July issue. Congratulations to him! Making America Sexy Again!

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