President Trump Makes Water Great Again

The truth is right in front of you

Toxins entering your drinking water. Thanks Trump!

President Trump took steps forward to Make America Great Again by reversing clean water polices by the corrupt Obama administration.

President Trump vowed to end the “Waters Of The United States” regulation that was burdensome on fossil fuel manufacturers, corporations and farmers that stopped them from dumping pollutants into public waterways. It is being hailed as a victory for corporate interests nationwide.

“The Obama administration had our hands tied, forcing us to do the right thing by not polluting the nation’s waters, and it was not cost effective for us” said one oil producer. “Now we can simply let our wastewater and toxins into the streams and rivers and it saves us a ton, and creates jobs!!!”

Experts agree, pointing to Flint, Michigan. Thousands of new jobs were created, from new grave diggers, medical staff and new hospitals needing to be built to handle the new cases of Cholera, Typhoid Fever and Salmonella created by being able to use waterways as a way to get rid of unwanted chemicals at several plants and farms.

“This really proves that our great president really has his ear to us, the corporations and not to environmental lunatics that call themselves “Americans”, who call clean drinking water a right”.

Farmers in rural areas agree, saying it’s their land to destroy as they see fit. “How dare anyone tell us what we can do to the water that runs near our farmlands?”

President Trump has rolled back many socialist anti-pollution regulations pertaining to clean air and now rolls back communistic water protections all the way back from the 1972 Clean Water Act.

Thank you President Trump, for putting the good of your donors’ economic well being above the selfish desires for clean water.

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