President Trump Gave All Those ‘Children In Cages’ The Best Christmas Ever

While the Democrats spent the morning complaining about the thousands of children at the southern border who were “ripped from their parents and thrown in cages,” President Trump was doing something to make their Christmas dreams come true. Those children, who are far better off in Border Patrol custody than with their criminal parents, were treated to a Christmas morning they’ll never forget.

First, they woke up to stockings from Trumpy Clause. Each child received a new bar of soap and a pair of clean socks. Some of them hadn’t seen those things in months. Next, they were given a breakfast any refugee’s child would appreciate of cream of wheat and half an English muffin with peanut butter.

As if that wasn’t enough, Trump made sure each child received a personalized present. He spent his own money to buy thousands of ornaments with the names “Juan, Geraldo, and Abdul” written on them. According to the White House Office of Statistics, nearly 13 percent of the children in custody got the right name, and the rest were told they were welcome to cross out the wrong name and scribble in their own. Dixon Ticonderoga donated 40 pencils to that cause.

After receiving what would be their first gift ever, the children were allowed out of their pens for a morning of games, including soccer, flag football, and pin the tail on Obama. The President received some harsh criticism for that one, to which his office replied, “it was a simple joke. Those kids got nearly 20 minutes of fresh air and play time, something their parents took from them when they came here illegally.”

Each child was also entered into an adoption lottery. More than 300 winners are being sent to undisclosed Christian families across the country where they’ll never have to worry about being separated from their parents again.

President Trump is a true humanitarian.

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