Pelosi Ok’s Planned Parenthood to Register Voters


In a move some see as controversial. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has signed a legal affirmation writ which will allow Planned Parenthood to register voters at all of their locations across the country.   Analysts see this as a blatant attempt to sweeten the Democratic voter rolls, and some critics, including Presidential lawyer Rudy Guliani, say it’s downright unconstitutional :

“Planned Parenthood is an independent entity, okay?  Remember what happened with ACORN?  Remember that? Nothing.  But we shut them down anyway, didn’t we?  Listen to me : you don’t.  Have.  To do anything.   Wrong.  To be unconstitutional.   Okay?  Thufferin’ thuccotash!”

“I probably shouldn’t have gotten my legal degree from that school that was also a shoe store.”

After attempting to ban guns for wall money and crashing her car into numerous places and things in a string of drunken episodes, this seems like just another act by the desperate liberal left Pelosi to allow Americans to vote.  Probably right after an abortion.

Pelosi at the Planned Parenthood buffet. Don’t ask what’s in the “finger” sandwiches.

Remember : real Americans register to vote at the DMV.  Not at a filthy anti-God house of sin.

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