Pope:’Priests Aren’t To Blame For Kids Being Abused, Their Parents Are’

The truth is right in front of you

Pope Francis unleashed some more fake pope words from his pulpit at the Vatican, sure to enrage even the ‘”cartofi,” as they are known, in his own congregation. His sermon was on child abuse, which he called “a tragedy of unspeakable size.” But when he was asked about the abuse of children by clergy in the Catholic Church, he didn’t seem to find it to be so tragic.

“Yes, the touching in the churches. It did happen. I acknowledge that. And it shouldn’t have happened but this was not the fault of the members of the priesthood.

As you know, I have been paying close attention to the plight of the migrants to America, who took their families 2000 miles in search of safety and an escape from evil. I had expressed that the Americans too were evil when they took the children from the parent’s arms to lock them in cages where they themselves were mistreated and abused. It seemed a horrible and unchristian act to take scared children away from their mother and father.

But then I began to listen to those supporting their President Trump and how they were able to justify this action. I heard repeatedly that if the parents didn’t want their children taken away, abused, adopted to other families, and separated from their mothers forever, then they shouldn’t have brought their children into the country with them illegally. This was the logic they presented. Millions of them. So I’ve decided to adopt this new approach to morality myself.

We should not blame the priests for touching and abusing young boys and girls in the churches. We need to cast the blame on their parents for taking them to church. They should have known better.

I thank the Americans for helping me see the truth. This is so much easier than taking responsibility. God bless.”

More evidence that this Pope is of Satan.

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