Pope Laughs While Notre Dame Burns

Fake Pope!

With the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burning out of context, destroying a monument to Catholic history and all contained within, you’d think that Pope Francis would be distraught. You’d think that he would travel to France to mourn the loss. You’d think he’d at least be organizing  prayers aimed at asking God to save the centuries old house of worship.

But he was not doing any of these things. Quite the opposite, in fact. Inside sources have told Daily World Update that, upon hearing about the out of control blaze, Pope Francis began to laugh and dance on his papal balcony , shocking onlookers in Vatican Square below.

Is this Francis’ true identity? Must be. This picture is on the Internet.

Those same anonymous sources have hinted about why the pope reacted in such an unexpected way.  It seems there had been rumblings and rumors in the  Vatican about a reporter who was making some dark and disturbing claims. He said he “knew where the church’s bodies were buried.” And he wasn’t being figurative.  He suggested he had actual evidence of real bodies hidden within the cathedral. He further proffered that the bodies belonged to what the Jesuits had called “enemies of the church who sought to reveal secrets best left forgotten.”

It’s unknown what these “secrets” are but the Catholic Church has had its share of scandals over the years. From heresy trials, to pillaging of riches, to the abuse of children by the clergy, dark times have abounded. These alleged victims could have been ready to expose the church in an infinite number of ways.

Could this be the scandal the church wants to hide?

The reporter, coincidentally, has not been heard from since the arsonist’s torch touched Notre Dame. Further rumors suggest he may be the latest victim, the fire set to eliminate evidence of his demise and those of the previous tattletales. Interpol is working closely with the French Gendarmes to investigate all tips provided. Daily World Update will keep you apprised as details are revealed.

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