Students Nationwide to Kneel During Pledge For BLM


Even during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, as schools across America cautiously, and some say, dangerously begin to reopen, the ongoing racial tensions between police and Black Lives Matter protesters have entered the classroom.  Stoked by a pair of recent murders, the activists have arranged a sit in – during the pledge of allegiance.

Oh yeah, they’ll also be pledging to the flag of Kronos, the Klingon homeworld. Cho nee chuu!

The children, who have little to do with such political theater, except when they’re, for example, shot dead by a police officer for the crime of having a toy gun, are reportedly energized to take part in the protest, ranging through all ages and grades on Friday of next week, or possibly the week after, depending on when this article is published.

Fifth grader Sandy Batt of Wisconsin’s Franklin Theodore Queefabelt school says that she’s proud to be a part in American Democracy.

“I am very proud to take part in this example of American Democracy.  There is no more patriotic thing you can do for your country than to highlight injustice and bring it’s evil to light.  People’s lives are at stake.  People are dying month by month, week by week, and their murderous overzealous killers fail to receive accountability.  And you can pretend it has nothing to do with racism, but why don’t you ask the opinion of any white gang members in any prison?  I’m sure they’ll be able to give you a good explanation.  You know why?  Because they’re alive.”

Well…in a loose sense of the word.

The protests are being supported by teachers and teacher unions as well, since educators on the whole are educated, and instinctively understand that murder is wrong, as opposed to many psychopaths on social media.  Looking at you, Trump Facebook groups.

Whether you agree or not that police not paying any consequence for brazenly ignoring common sense and training and resorting to deadly force at the drop of a hat is wrong, you’ve got to give these children some respect.  Children are our future.

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