Planned Parenthood’s Bogus Lawsuit Against Pro-Life Activists Dismissed

David Daleiden, the hero from the Center for Medical Progress, has won. The 128th District Court of Writs and Appellate Injunctions has dismissed the fraudulent lawsuit brought against him by Planned Parenthood.

The case was originally presided over by the liberal 9th Circuit Court, which granted Planned Parenthood a writ of temporary impedance and a $2 million award. Daleiden appealed immediately and according to our source, he was successful. 128th District Clerk, Art Tubolls, told our reporter in the field that Daleided was right to come to this jurisdiction rather than sending it back to California:

“Those liberals would have just let this case go and allowed the law to be ignored. You can’t just award someone $2 million on a temporary impedence. That’s not how it works. The justices here have ruled and the majority has already entered their vote into the Federal Judiciary Ruling Database. It’s clear that 5 of our 7 judges are on the side of justice.”

According to the database, the 5 justices have ruled to dismiss the case and recall the $2 million fine in favor of an admission from Daleiden that he doctored the tapes Planned Parenthood used against him out of faith in God, which exempts him on the grounds of the 1st, 10th, and 14th Amendments. The fine will not go to Planned Parenthood but instead to a charity of David’s choosing.

Daleiden says he’ll mostly donate the money to his former research company, The Center for Medical Progress, which is involved in a new documentary about the Deep State.

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