Planned Parenthood Hosting ‘Celebratory Abortion Parties’

Celebrities across the country have started a new trend in gala affairs – the Abortion Party. The swanky events are now known as “the place to be”. To them, you’re nobody unless you attend. In them, they celebrate the slaughter of the innocent babies who are unable to defend themselves.  There’s cake and balloons and they laugh as they share stories about their multiple abortions performed at clinics and at home., legally and illegally.

Non- celebs have recently begun to join in on the “fun”. Home abortion parties have been all the rage for the past few years in larger blue states like California and New York, where morality and decency disappeared long ago

And now, Planned Parenthood is jumping on the trend. In a bid to make up for state funding losses across the country, PP is advertising “ Custom Abortion Celebrations Tailored To Your Wishes”. One option available is watching and/or participating in the procedure itself. Participants can elect to administer the drugs, use a vacuum, or poke around with a coat hanger. Another volunteer is then required to fling the removed foetus into the air and yell “YIPPEEEEEE!”  to begin the celebration. Other available options include fetal cell hors d’oeuvres, baby blood cocktails, and a slip and slide coated with the organs of murdered children.

This tasty morsel is served with garlic sauce

Planned Parenthood seems determined to keep their doors open, no matter what depths of depravity they have to sink to to do so


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