Planned Parenthood Announces ‘Abort-A-Palooza’ On April 2


As everyone knows, abortions are a major part of Planned Parenthood’s business. Currently, abortions comprise more than 43 percent of services performed by the abortion giant despite dishonest liberal claims that they are “3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s available services.”

While this is technically true — Planned Parenthood offers a lot from pap smears to HIV testing — the truth is that more often than not, a girl or woman is entering their building to have a baby murdered. Realizing this, Planned Parenthood is trying to capitalize on this gruesome service by announcing a “half-price abort-a-palooza” on April 2.

“Abortions aren’t really a big deal,” Planned Parenthood president Shwarma al-Jabari said when announcing the baby murderfest. “We want to encourage anyone who has an unwanted fetus inside them to get it out if they want to, even if they can’t normally afford the procedure.”

Planned Parenthood stands to make a lot of money. As was uncovered by legitimate, serious journalists Project Veritas, the company makes millions yearly by selling (or “donating and receiving reimbursements for expenses from” as they claim) baby parts to research facilities and Chinese restaurants.

“Yes, we sell aborted fetal waste to scientific research facilities,” former Planned Parenthood president Carol Richards said when the scandal first surfaced. “There’s nothing wrong to make sure something that was once useless becomes useful.”

Already, protesters are outside Planned Parenthood offices demanding an end to this sick “event.” But Planned Parenthood refuses to cancel, saying it’s “perhaps the most important event in abortion history.”

If you want to demand an end to this sick practice, call Planned Parenthood’s head office at (202) 224-5972.


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