Pentagon: Iraq Embassy Attack Was Funded By Soros And The Deep State

The Pentagon has released a statement implicating George Soros and the Depp State shadow government for funding the terrorists who attacked the US Embassy in Iraq. According to Brigadier General Art Tubolls, the attacks weren’t spontaneous, and they were certainly not caused by some fake video:

“This was a coordinated effort from the secret halls of the UN to tear down our military and hand Iraq to the globalist Deep State. This isn’t some conspiracy theory, it’s a fact.

“Luckily, our President was able to stop what he was doing and ordered more than 30K troops into the area in case we need to be back at full-scale war status. We stand ready to take Baghdad from the new globaliost-friendly government at any time.”

The White House says the military will hold off taking over Iraq for the time being until they can determine exactly who is behind the order inside our government. Our experts say they will most likely find trails that lead directly to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton but that those trails will likely go cold before they can be exposed and prosecuted for treason.

The Iraqi government says it has the full support of the UN and will take action to protect itself from once again becoming “an American Imperialist Province.”

That’s what they call it when we go to a country and save their butts. President Trump has confided in his closest aides that he won’t stand for any of those Iraqi insults like Obama did. He promised to “knock the hell out of them” and we believe he will do it.

War is hell, Iraq. Maybe if you hadn’t dragged us into yours we wouldn’t be in this situation but here we are.

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