Pelosi Uses Archaic Rule To Block Full Russia Investigation Release

Barr’s hands are tied

Earlier this week, President Trump gave permission to Attorney General Barr to declassify and release the details of the Russia investigation. This created jubilation amongst the Trump faithful and extreme dread in the minds of  the Democrats.

It caused so much panic within the Democratic Party that they are now grasping at straws to prevent its release. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi used House Rule number 496  to block the report and nullify the president’s executive action. This rule, not used since 1821, allows the speaker of the house to veto an executive decision without cause. It can only be used once per presidential term. Rule 495’s creation was meant to allow an opposition party House to have a greater sense of power and eliminate feelings of inadequacy. A feel good rule, in a sense

The last time it was used was to prevent a skirmish with the Canadians for that is the type of action that was it’s intent – to put a “pause” on threats of war created by presidential whim. The rule was meant to prevent catastrophe and is not to be used frivolously.

So it would seem that the Democrats feel releasing the full Russian investigation report to the public would be a catastrophe. It was about to be known by all of the American people exactly what the Democrats had to hide and what laws they had broken. Heads were set to roll and it was expected that a massive number of arrests would follow – definitely a disaster for the DNC.

The White House is consulting it’s lawyers to discuss the legality of Pelosi’s invoking of this rule and to decide what action can be taken, if any. Expect a fight.

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